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To encounter the Holy Spirit and receive God's healing love, so that the light of Christ might dispel and transform the darkness of our hearts, minds and bodies.


To see individuals being restored to wholeness and their God given glory.



LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS is a ministry inspired by the mission of the JPII Healing center. My wife Rose and I first went on a Healing the Whole Person Retreat put on by the JPII Healing Center in 2021 looking for God to "fix" us. We were struggling with infertility and the heartbreak of that burden was growing too immense to bear as it became a daily reminder of our lacking and all the lies that come with that. We went seeking for God to just "fix" us in that area.


What we discovered instead was the love of the Father that went beyond our desire to be fixed and sent on our way. Caught up into His fatherly heart, we found a love so tender and safe that wanted to penetrate into the depths of our darkest places of hopelessness and brokeness and set us free from the lies that had taken hold there. We experienced incredible life-altering healing in various areas of our lives that we'd each just been coping with for years as it sapped our hope and had begun defining who we believed we were. We didn't realize how much we were carrying with us even from childhood and were keeping locked away from the Father.


The light of men that came into the world has shone into our depths and begun a healing process that we want all those who are burdened and weary to experience. There is a real tangible love of Jesus that desires to heal you and bring you to wholeness and communion with Him. It is our hope and aim that we would be able to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them to remind them that they were meant for a life filled with hope and the restoration of their God-given glory. It is our desire to be able to bring to our local churches the opportunities to provide a space for people to encounter the healing and transforming power of the Holy Spirit in restoration.

Since that first retreat with the JPII healing center we have attended training conferences put on by them where we have witnessed firsthand God's healing power at work in his people. We have seen physical healings of the blind receiving sight, the deaf receiving their hearing, infirmities healed, lives and hearts changed. We have tasted and seen his goodness and been caught up and drawn into His work of renewal in His Church. 


 This website serves as a hub for events, prayer & reflection(blogs), works of beauty & art (short stories, the original photography used as backgrounds as thematic elements of light and darkness), and different resources that have been consolations to us in our own weariness. 

If you have any thoughts or encouragement you'd like to share or would like to get involved please don't hesitate to reach out by click on the button on the bottom right corner. We would love to hear from you!


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